Alnylam Fitusiran


Featured skills
  • Color study
  • Art direction
  • UX Research
  • Site identity and hierarchy
  • Color palette recommendation
  • Pre-launch campaign & playbook

Pre-Launch Unbranded Creative for HCPs and Consumer

In the absence of a commercialized product, the hemophilia consumer community wants Alnylam to become a part of the community by sponsoring and getting involved in age-specific events (children and teen-focused) and by providing simple educational support materials and outreach channels like websites, decision-making tools, and toll-free hotlines, access to clinical trails, along with insurance help.

The Big Picture


The hemophilia marketplace is a crowded “factor focused” sea of sameness. Within the last 2 years, 2 new long-acting recombinant products have entered the market– which has set the stage for positive adoption of new product innovation. CDC data show that Prophylaxis treatment is the future standard of care.


Hematologists and hematology nurses who work in Hematology Treatment Centers:
Hems are the clinical decision-makers (scientists) who are motivated by scientific data and dialog. “Game changer” hem nurses are focused on comprehensive patient care focused on education, adherence, QoL and caregiver support over time “life changer”.


Consumers and HCPs are actively following Fitusiran development, and while they are encouraged and excited by the promise of this breakthrough class’ functional and emotional benefits, they need to see more clinical trial data, and learn more about Alnylam and RNAi.

The color study

Color is functional

Color subliminally and overtly communicates information about a brand and can underscore a brand promise.

Color is emotional

Individual colors, and color applications overall have been shown to elicit emotional response.

Color is differentiating

Color is used to distinguish one brand from other brands in the same (and in vastly different) categories.

The Mechanism of Action

Concept 1: Togetherness website

Concept 2: The balloons

Concept 3: The maze