mTOR inhibition expands beyond PNET and is an important driver in tumor pathogenesis. Rather than tell HCPs about the importance of mTOR inhibition, this game immerses them in it by making them responsible for mTOR inhibition


Leverage importance of mTOR with the impact across indications, and understand that mTOR is a central, key driver of PNET pathogenesis.

Demonstrate poorly defined role of VEGF in PNET progression and highlight the triple antitumor effect of mTOR inhibition compared with VEGF inhibition by posing key questions in specific relevant game situations.


Control the AFINITOR chevron to inhibit the mTOR pathway. Avoid tumor angiogenesis, growth and proliferation, and cell metabolism. mTOR symbols appear at random “Eating” (inhibiting) mTOR increases game score. A leaderboard is available online or on display if portrayed in a convention setting.