Pencil sharpener

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Laying awake (on 4th of July while a city parties) reading FastCoDesign’s: 5 Lessons From The Kickstarter Designer Who’s Been Making A Poster A Day For A Year, I’ve come to understand the simplicity on how creativity is honed.  Sure we might have tenacity, we might even have talent, but nothing beats good ‘ol hard work.  I spend 30 minutes fine tuning my technical skills in whatever software is demanded of me, so why not creativity.  If I was to apply some sort of symbolism, it’d have to be a pencil. And this pencil I’m going to have to sharpen everyday for 30 minutes. I’ll have to ignore self-doubt, after I’ve evicted her from my house of thoughts, and I’ll have to keep ignoring her, even when she vehemently insists on getting back with me. Most importantly I’ll have to ignore the whispers of “how?”, “why?”, and “what?. At times it’ll be painful and hideous, but hopefully it’ll also be glorious, and in the process I might even learn something.